Sahar Damoni - Dance Performance

17feb20:3022:00Sahar Damoni - Dance PerformanceEat Babna & Drink Pills

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Eat Banana & Drink Pills is a contemporary dance performance about abortion among single Arab Palestinian women. The work focuses on the physical, emotional, and social dimensions of
this experience and analyses the ramifications of this choice and the stigma, trauma, and social violence it carries.
“Psychological illness does not stem from human beings but it is a reflection of society and wrong civilization.” (Sigmund Freud)
Sahar Damoni is a Palestinian dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher from Shafa-amer in the Galilee whose body of work deals with the challenges she faces as a woman in an Arab and Palestinian society. more info:
After the performance there will be a talk with the artist.
Presented by KunstenDialoog and Dancing on the Edge



17 februari 2024 20:30 - 22:00(GMT+02:00)


REGULIER 16,50 – OBA PAS EN HJS €14,- STUDENTEN – €12,50

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