Intimate Portraits - Global Locals-Italy

09dec20:1521:30Intimate Portraits - Global Locals-Italy

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An evening with choreographies by Amsterdam-based Italian choreographers:

BISOGNA MORIRE- Clara Cozzolino and Lela Di Costanzo (Freckle Red Lipstick)

Freckle & Red Lipstick is a multidisciplinary duo founded in Amsterdam.  Their new creation, “BISOGNA MORIRE” (it is necessary to die), reflects their newfound realization that one must let things end in order to begin again. After the pandemic, a return to Italy with fresh energy rekindled their inspiration but gave them also a nostalgic, melancholic, romantic, and critical perspective. The piece reflects and echos the inherited wisdom and traditions of preceding generations, while also questioning their relevance in the modern world. Building on the past, making choices of what to leave behind and what to carry forward.

Lela Di Costanzo is a multidisciplinary artist in the field of contemporary dance and performing arts, residing in the Netherlands. Through her studies and performances with international choreographers, she has had the opportunity to absorb knowledge from some of the greatest figures in contemporary dance. Subsequently, she embarked on her own journey, choreographing and performing for various artists in different fields of the contemporary art scene. This experience enriched her vision and guided her to experiment with different disciplines. She also serves as an assistant choreographer. In between these projects, she dedicates herself to ongoing personal development as a performer, creator, and teacher.
Clara Cozzolino is a multidisciplinary artist living in the Netherlands. With a background in the field of contemporary dance, electronic music and sound design, she is now involved in contemporary performance, film, and opera, while active as a composer for theater for 2 years. At present, Clara is dedicated to studying and advancing her research in the realms of sound and movement with the aim of proceeding with her studies with a Master’s degree. As a dancer and movement creator, she found great inspiration in the concept of feeling rather than producing, as well in the interconnection with sound generation.


ALEX – Roberta Maimone en Yashasvi  Shrotriya

” delves into the inevitable question of “who am I.”
It is a psychological process—a moment of reflection and self-confrontation, both individually and in relation to others. When you meet someone new, it is natural for humans to mirror each other, which can lead to the discovery of aspects of yourself that you hadn’t previously noticed. You feel the need to pause, observe, listen, understand, engage, accept, and connect with them.
The animated characters narrate the concept with gestures in a humorous key, with the desire to make it a pleasant experience and to indulge in a smile.

Roberta Maimone is an Italian choreographer and dancer based in the Netherlands. She trained with and was inspired by Marcos Morau, Lukas Timulak, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Thomas Noone, and DidiVeldman. Following her choreographic debut with “ENFANTS” in collaboration with Roberta Riontino, which was performedin Italy, Holland, Spain, and Germany, she created “ALEX,”
Roberta possesses a clear vision of what she aims to bring to life in the real world, as shejourneys from the invisible to the visible.

Yashasvi Shrotriya started his dance education in India at Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts of Bengaluru.
After receiving a Eurasia Dancer scholarship he studied at the Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, Germany.In the Netherlands he has worked with with Het Houten Huis Peergroup, Wabi Sabi, and with a number of other projects.

Choreography and artistic direction: Roberta Maimone
Performance: Yashasvi Shrotriya , Roberta Maimone
Music composition: Clara Cozzolino
Assistant Choreographer: Lela Di Costanzo
Costume Design: Roberta Maimone
with handcrafted pieces by Alice De Maio, Giacomo Raffo
Supported by Korzo Theater, AFK, ICK, Network Anticorpi, compagnia arearea

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9 december 2023 20:15 - 21:30(GMT+02:00)


15.50 en 13.50 met OBA/Stads Pas

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