Diaspora / Not All Who Wander Are Lost

17jun20:0021:30Diaspora / Not All Who Wander Are Lost

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A storytelling performance with tango & contemporary music.

It’s a 3-scene performance telling a story about those who left home and embarked on a foreign journey. The story is presented with a crossover performance by cellist Sheng-Chuin Lin, storyteller Reza Mirabi, visual designer Chun-Yao Lin, violinist Maxim Liu, violinist/pianist Crystal Lai, and flautist/pianist Domingo Chang.

Music is composed by contemporary composer Ling-Hsuan Huang with a part re-arranged by Sheng-Chuin Lin.


The story revolves around the idea of uprooting and departing from comfort and certainty, and digs deeper into the physical and mental journey of being far away from home.

Can you recollect the most emotional moments of this uprooting journey?
Is it the moment on your first flight to a new place feeling overwhelmed by complex emotions? The moment before entering a social occasion for the first time in a new environment feeling hesitant? Or the moment that you return home and realize that you’ve changed and parted your path from your family and friends in your homeland?
“Diaspora – Not All Who Wander Are Lost” encapsulates this emotional journey – for us, and for all of you who took on this journey abroad, bravely and solitarily.



17 juni 2023 20:00 - 21:30(GMT+02:00)


De Hallen Studio's

De Hallen, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 18, 1053 RT

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