Artsitters - Sunday Workshop for Kids

03mrt10:0011:45Artsitters - Sunday Workshop for Kids

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Theatre Edition!

The groups are for ages 2-4 (from 10 to 10:45) and 5-8 (from 11 until 11:45).
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Welcome to our sensory adventure workshop with Artsitters! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey where we’ll dive deep into the world of Sensory Perceptions.

In this interactive session, children will explore the magic of their senses. Through a series of fun-filled activities and hands-on experiences, they’ll discover just how amazing their sight, hearing, and touch can be.

So, join us as we ignite our curiosity, spark our imagination, and let our senses lead the way on this incredible sensory adventure!



(Zondag) 10:00 - 11:45(GMT+01:00)



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