Evening Escape with Ghibli Studio Movie

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Wanna enjoy classical music but don’t know how to start?

Or find peace from the music in this chaotic world?

Or you just simply like to have a leisure evening with us to enjoy the Japanese evening concert?

Evening Escape with Ghibli Studio Movie is here.




吉卜力動畫音樂會 出逃中!


Our first concert theme is officially out – Ghibli film score! With various settings of the ensemble, we hope to bring you a relaxing evening with its music, and introduce the movies’ cultural context and social issues behind.

Normal price : 12.5 euro
Oranje Express and OBA card price : 11 euro

<Why Ghibli film score?>
In the eyes of contemporary audience, classical music seems to be a bit unapproachable, primarily for the lack of connection with the current society. For this very reason, we chose the Ghibli film score as the theme of this production to find the relevance between those music and the world we live in and to introduce the depth and the diversity of Joe Hisaishi musical works, which are undoubtedly comparable to any of the classic music repertoire.

Although taking place in the imaginary world, the films of Ghibli Studio deeply explore issues relevant and urgent to our reality. Anti-war and the pursuit of peace are the common themes among every single film. Sustainability and environmentalism are the core of the “Nausicaä of Valley of Wind” and “Prince Mononoke”. “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “Spirited Away” discuss female empowerment and self-fulfilling prophecy. For those serious discussions, Hayao Miyazaki used a warm and relaxed tone to speak to audiences ranging from children to the elderly. We hope to evoke memories of those who grew up with those films, and to introduce those films to those who are curious.






12 juni 2022 19:00 - 21:00(GMT-11:00)

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