07/07/2018 @ 20:00 – 22:00

Italian Bossa Nova- Italian voz e violao met Filomena Croce en Kees Gelderblom

Werken van Braziliaans guitarist Toquinho en italiaanse zangeres Ornella Vanoni van hun legendarisch opname uit 1976 “La voglia, la pazzia, l’incoscienza, l’allegria”.
Pasta wordt voorbereid door  Casa Sabatelli
inloop vanaf  18:30

Toegang: 11,00

“Italian Meets Bossa Nova – Kees Gelderblom & Filomena Croce”

The theme of the concert by Filomena Croce en Kees Gelderblom “Italian voz e
violao” is Italian Bossa Nova: the artists will play the work of Brazilian
guitarist Toquinho and italian singer Ornella Vanoni included in the 1976
album ‘La voglia, la pazzia, l’incoscienza, l’allegria’, in addition to
great Brazilian Classics. . “In my opinion the job of the Artist is letting
the audience take trains, planes and ships and travel without even standing
from their seats. It is letting them escape reality for a couple of hours
and deaming of places they have never been to” Filomena says.

Filomena Croce is an Italian singer. After graduating in Jazz Vocals when
she was 22, she started travelling all over from Brazil to Slovenia, from
Belgium to Ireland and lived in the United Kingdom where she has been a
member of the NYJO Ensemble and has taken part in the London Jazz Festival
2013 and 2014. She has attended workshops with great names belonging to
Jazz and Bossa Nova scene: Rachel Gould, JD Walter, Celia Vaz, Judy
Niemack, Bob Stoloff. She graduated her Master of Music in January 2018 at
ArtEZ Conservatorium Zwolle, The Netherlands, where she studied Jazz,
Classical and Brazilian and World Music. In June 2017 she was chosen to
represent ArtEZ Conservatorium at InJazz Festival, the main Network event
for Jazz in The Netherlands. She will be part of the Young Professionals
Programm staff at the Eurovox, the European Congress of Voice Teachers in
The Hague, The Netherlands, in August 2018.

Kees Gelderblom, born in The Hague, fell in love with Brazilian Music in
1976 and that brought a big change in his life. He graduated in Classical
Guitar at Sveelink Conservatory in 1988. He lived in Brazil for 20 years
and played with Paulo Prata and accompanied Ana Beck, Lilian Vieira,
Viviani Godoy, Josee Koning, etc. Kees teaches at Codarts Conservatorium in
Rotterdam and EPM da Holanda. Next year a CD with his own work will be