02/09/2017 @ 20:30 – 21:15
€ 10,-
First Saturdays Dance presenteert: “Letter to my Newborn Child” van Luke Jessop en DUPLEX van Deborah Regoli (entresol)

Letter to my Newborn Child is a heartfelt solo about a man, the birth of his new daughter and how he is confronted with this strange yet natural task of raising a young child in today’s ever shifting world. How can he be expected to teach his child how to live in a world with an unforeseeable future? When she will be judged differently and treated in a way that he could not possibly imagine? This primal and honest solo marks the debut of Luke Jessop‘s choreographic journey and the beginning of the company, Ion Tribe.

Inspired by Aristotle’s quote: “Man is a rational animal” the piece explores the necessity of humans to establish interactions and relationships between individuals sharing the same space. Using language that could be described as instinctive, physical and necessary, Deborah Regoli investigates different qualities of movement,looking for the most carnal and wild aspect of the human being’s nature.

Date: 02/09/17
Time: 20:30 h
Admission: €10

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Toegang: € 10,00
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