26/08/2017 @ 20:00 – 21:30
€ 10,-

During the performance night “(No) Choice” several short dance theatre pieces will be shown. A central theme of these performances is ‘choice’. Do we always have a choice, and if so, what we do with the ability to choose. Can we choose to become a place of care and solitude amidst a multiplicity of dualities? Can we choice to escape of face it, or is the choice made for us?

Admission: € 10,-
Reservations via: reservations@cafebelcampo.nl
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Four separate pieces will be shown on this evening: <!

Performance 1:
“Muscari Armeniacum 2.0”
(Blauw druifje)
Muscari Armeniacum (grape hyacinth/blauw druifje) is a painterly symbol of tenderness, caring love and solitude. The initial choreographic idea was inspired by Damian Kapojos’ sculptures. The multiplicity of dualities in Kapojos work, made choreographer van Houten think of Jeroen Bosch ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’. While exploring both works in relation to each other she questioned what the place for ‘muscari armeniacum’ could be amidst the battle between the sexes, unity and disparity, good and evil. The first work performed under the name of Muscari Armeniacum during Art Rotterdam 2017 shows both the dualities, struggle, contrast as well as their hope for ‘tenderness, caring love and solitude’.

During continued artistic research the artists involved focused on relating the concept Muscari Armeniacum to Amsterdam as a city space. If we imagine Amsterdam as a Garden of Earthly Delight what are the different scenarios in terms of struggle/contrast as well as the potential of ‘tenderness, caring love and solitude’.           

Produced by HKNLversations

Dr. Marloes van Houten (1982) is a dancer, choreographer and the artistic director of HKNLversations. She loves to cross-pollinate and has a background in dance/theatre, visual arts (Willem de Kooning Academie) and cultural geography. Van Houten performed globally. The last few years she worked in Asia, where she did her PHD and created several dance theatre performances. In 2017 so far she worked as an actress/dancer/aerialist with the Dutch Nationale Ballet & Opera, and Vivo Ballet in Rome, Italy.

See: http://reinventinghome.net/start/team-hong-kong/bio-marloes/ Contact: info@reinventinghome.net

Dancer Joe Mulier (1981) was born in Surinam, South America. His journey with movement began with an interest in acrobatics, which slowly developed into a love for dance. He has studied Dance and Dentistry in Amsterdam. At the moment he combines his primary work as a dentist with the creative fields of dance and art, participating in dance projects throughout the Netherlands and making dance related statues he names ‘Dansjoey Pocketart’. See http://dansjoey.wixsite.com/pocketart

Performance 2:
In this story, there is a choice to be made: escape it or face it. Is it me that is still stubborn? Or is it the choice?

Produced by MW- dance
Choreography and Dance: Tracy Wong and Mao Wei

Mao Wei, born in China. A full scholarship student and graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He has worked with many artists from around the world, also with them to join different Arts Festival to get a lot experience. After school he being an independent artist focuses on body research and choreographs.

In last 3 year he  choreographed  ‘Tringer’,’Tringer2.0′,’Dream death’, for Four Degrees Dance Laboratory. And his own work ‘Thorny Road’, ‘Shelf Life’ and ‘Pardon’, ‘Mapping’. His work was being invited to different Arts Festival as well: “Wiz World Dance Festival “in Seoul, “Macau Modern Dance festival”, “RAM Dance Festival” in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Japan , “The 43rd Hong Kong arts festival”, “The 44th Hong Kong arts festival”. He specializes in the use of images to create an atmosphere and feelings to give people direct visual impact and their own imagination.

Tracy Wong, born in Macau and graduated from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First-class Honor) in 2013. Wong awarded The Margaret Zee Outstanding Performer Award, Dean of Dance Prize and Faculty Scholarship of Contemporary Dance, also with Macao scholarship. She worked with many world-renowned artistes and companies. She was invited to France to work a long- term exchange program with Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh. Toured with Van Huynh Company in the 7th Busan International Dance Festival and The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival: Art&Faith in 2011. She has also performed in Spain, Vienna, Japan and Malaysia etc. She is now an independent artist. Her recent work and was invited to perform in Korea Wiz World Dance Festival, The 1st Macao Modern Dance Festival and The 43rd Hong Kong Art Festival. In 2016, she was invited again to present her new work by the 44th Hong Kong Art Festival.

Performance 3:
“Ünder the Surface”
Choreography and dance: Marialuisa Lattene
Conscious or subconscious choice? Stimulated by conscious thoughts flowing freely, driving feeling and emotional reaction in the subconscious translated into the perception of motion through proprioceptors reacting to the world above the surface. Expressed through the physicality of the body in space and the resulting continuous feedback cycle between the muscles, skin, joints organs and the mind. Strong and flexible, yet so softly you can’t hear a sound, blooming like a flower, breaking like a stick, staying under the surface, where movement is free giving the flexibility, the ability to move through life. But do we choose this?

More about MariaLuisa: https://marialuisalattene.com/about-2/

Performance 4
Choreography Jort Faber, dance Dio Semerel
Performance AIR Hoe afhankeijk bent u van technologie? In de voorstelling AIR verkend de danser Dio Semerel de connectie tussen zijn menselijkheid en zijn afhankelijkheid van zijn technologische danspartner. AIR is een performance gebasserd op de vergaande verweefden levens van de mens en technologische ontwikkeling. Verbondenheid, beïnvloeding en wederzijdse afhankelijkheid staan centraal in dit fysiek intensive stuk. Choreograaf Jort Faber , Dans: Dio Semerel
Jort Faber is in 2017 afgestudeerd aan de Amsterdamse hogeschool voor de Kunsten en is binnen zijn choreografie vooral geïntereseerd in samenwerking met verschillende aspecten van het de menselijke samenleving. Momenteel onderzoekt Jort de mogelijkheden die technologie, dans en theater elkaar bieden. De performance AIR is de eerste uitkomst van dit onderzoek.

entrance: 10 euros
reservations: reservations@cafebelcampo.nl