14/10/2017 @ 20:00 – 21:00
€ 12,00
Concert: “Nomadic Treasures” by Avishai Darash (entresol)

The internationally acclaimed pianist and composer Avishai Darash brings a new nomadic quartet. From years of traveling and collecting sounds from across the world the quartet’s style is derived from Western classical music, American jazz, North african traditional music and jewish music amongst others. 

All members of the quartet are touring musicians with critical acclaim in both the jazz and world music circuits. The term nomad refers to a man with no land, a wanderer that collects experiences and treasures along his path.

Admission: € 12,00
Reservations via: reservations@cafebelcampo.nl
Check for more information: www.avidarash.com / www.nomadictreasures.eu