16/12/2018 @ 20:00 – 21:30
€ 11,00


Alice who?

A whimsical look at how where we come from defines how we perceive our current reality. And what happens when we turn this upside down.

Choreography: Heather Ware
Dancers: Modern Bruises Dance Group


‘Jenga’ is a physical performance, a choreography of energy, made by Art Srisayam. He got fascinated by the word ‘hope’ when suffering from a long term injury. Combining his buddhistic perspective and research, this emotion became for him a metaphor for continuity and trying.

We try to describe this emotion by the ways of walking, running, jumping and most importantly “falling”, like in Jenga. But how do we manage to get up after several falls? What happens to us if we choose not to continue? Can we keep the hope? Is the best beauty born out of hardihood?

Choreography: Art Srisayam
Dancers: Modern Bruises Dance Group
Music composer: Lucas Mens
Assistant: Annelies Hoenenveld

tickets: € 11,00
photographer: Niko van Harlekin