16/07/2017 @ 11:00 – 18:00
Early registration until june 26th: € 85,- / Registration after June 26th: € 100,-
Valentina Lacmanovic
Spiraal workshop (Belcampo Loft)

SPIRAAL whirlig immerson workshop in Amsterdam!

Spiraal is an original, contemporary approach to spiralling and whirling motion, developed by Valentina Lacmanović based on Art and Science research and practice.

About the workshop:

This workshop is designed for everyone who wishes to engage into whirling practice, learn technique and make of Spiraal their own instrument for expanding creative potential. Spiraal is a strong tool for harmonisation of physical, mental and emotional functioning, it sharpens intuition and teaches about the energy economy.
It is an intensive work on the dialectic between repetition and change through the sustained spiralling movement, disorientation, listening and body/mind (dis)connection. In a safe environment participants travel through trance-like states and learn how to tap into the creative flow.

Preparation includes: techniques of breathing, strong physical training and an introduction into ritualistic elements in contemporary performance through structured improvisations. Spiralling and whirling are the main part of the workshop.
During the lunch break a personal feedback from and for each participant will take place as well as a theory class. 
Spiralling movement is at the core of our galaxy, our DNA, it is the force of nature in hurricanes and vortices. Spiralling pattern can be found in the shape of our fingerprint and the form of Time. Practicing Spiraal helps focusing and dealing with fears and connects us with both forces of nature and our own creativity and playfulness.


  • Early registration until june 26th: € 85,-
  • Registration after June 26th: € 100,-

Registration via: spiraalworkshop@gmail.com
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*refundable only in case of cancellation by the organization.

About Valentina Lacmanovic: http://valentinalacmanovic.com/about.html

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